Aqua Sentry provides maintenance, cleaning and chemical service for commercial pools and spas and associated equipment (Pump, DE Filtration system, heater, auto fill, etc). The service includes labor and chemical supplies (Chlorine, Bromine, Sodium Bicarb (Baking Soda), Muriatic Acid, Cyanuric acid and D.E.). Aqua Sentry will ensure water quality continues to meet or exceed all the appropriate Federal and State standards and guidelines, and in accordance with Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) 64-E9.004 Operational Requirements

An assigned technician will create a site binder containing standard operating procedures (SOPs), CPO certificates, chemical logs, checklists, contact information etc and they will be maintained in the equipment enclosure. Our technicians maintain documentation of:

  • Tile Maintenance - spot cleaning and scrubbing
  • Vacuuming of Pool and pool filtration system cleaning
  • Chemical usage 
  • Flow meter readings
  • Water chemical levels and actions taken if levels out of range
  • During service visits, the technician will:
  • Maintain water at the proper level 
  • Perform water chemical analysis and adjust chemicals as required.  
  • Vacuum and brush as needed to remove any dirt, scum, scale, calcium, algae, and any other harmful deposits from the water including seating area, steps, walls and surface of pool.
  • Clean tile at water line as required. 
  • Clean and precoat vaccum DE filtration systems
  • Empty pump and skimmer baskets and or clean gutter system.
  • Monitor chemical feeding systems and test water to confirm proper disinfectant levels 
  • Inspect equipment for leaks, clogs, and other malfunctions.
  • Provide on-going communication and documentation with site management regarding condition of pools

Chemicals:  Aqua Sentry will be responsible for, supply and proper storage of all chemicals required for maintaining the  pool’s water quality. The technician shall comply with all Federal, State, local, industry safety, health standards, and regulations regarding handling and transportation of chemicals

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